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Mytao is a self-initiated on presses for international professional development, and manufacturing company, specializing in developing and manufacturing a full range of high-end Mytao injection molding machine. Products with world-class hydraulic, electrical and control systems, the introduction of European-style design concept, through rigorous testing, assembly, commissioning, providing customers with first-class products and services.

Mytao always maintain quality win business philosophy, and strive to develop steadily, strive to do every injection molding machine. Mytao has engaged in decades of research and design presses experienced team of engineers and production managers, the product is of Europe and America, Japan, Taiwan and excellent technical experience combined with its perfect masterpiece.

In recent years, Mytao annual sales rate of about 15% annually. By the end of 2013, the company has been in the country more than 30 sales outlets, product radiation in various provinces of the country, the nation's major goal is to improve the distribution of the injection molding market corporate offices and service points. In marketing, the company make full use of social resources, and agents to build a win-win strategic partnership of cooperation, launched a series of incentives so that agents have a highly motivated Haida presses to expand market share. The company also designated a dedicated sales staff for each dealer one on one service, so quick to form a good interaction between the corporate headquarters and dealers, distributors and users. In foreign markets, the company in addition to maintaining a stable cooperative relationship with customers in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, but also with European dealers to establish a long-term partnership.

Mytao implement technology leadership strategy, always occupy the commanding heights of industry technology. Mytao establish a more than 50 research teams, and cut the lead in the industry established a Mytao research institute, conducted a number of cutting-edge technologies, and achieved fruitful results in the field of precision injection molding, to get the same industry-leading technical experience. Mytao using the most modern digital design approach to the design and verification of test processing machine for durable performance evaluation tests, designed to perfection. Mytao adhere to market-oriented research and development to occupy the high ground, over the years a number of major breakthroughs in key research and development projects, providing customers with leading-edge technology of high-end products for customers to create a better return on investment.

Mytao depending on the quality of life and to establish a sound scientific quality control system, compliance with the "fine control processes, continuous improvement, quality and reliability, excellence" quality policy, adhere to the concept of total quality management, first in the industry to import ISO9001 quality management system, strict all aspects of control, with professionals, sophisticated equipment, scientific management processes to ensure product quality and other advantages.

Mytao committed to customer success and achieve win-win situation on the basis of customer success, the pursuit to provide customers with total solutions, not only to provide injection molding equipment, but also provide support to select recommended peripherals. To provide customers with factory planning, model selection, installation and commissioning of a series of integrated training, process design, operation tracking, maintenance and other after-sales service fast, Mytao set up in more than 20 countries and regions more than 60 sales and service centers, to achieve most Chinese regions "24-hour fast service."

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