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Mytao Precision is committed to building a leading, world-class injection molding machine equipment, in order to better explore the market, the development of service outlets, special invites to join the elite team around.

Point of Service Responsibilities:
1, the equipment sold to companies or agents of the area covered by the service point for debugging, maintenance, routine maintenance.
2, so that the needs of the customer within 12 hours response.

Service point joining requirements:
1, with after-sales service team, a strong sense of responsibility and sense of service, can be the first to respond to customer needs.
2, with injection molding machine maintenance over 5 years of experience, and have technology, mold, peripherals and other knowledge, to provide customers with added value.

Agents Responsibilities:
1, the local good brand promotion, so local businesses on Mai injection channel brand has a wide range, correct perception.
2, collected local injection characteristics of the market, the company targeted to assist Mai Road design and development and manufacturing.
3, good marketing, increase sales Mai Road sophisticated presses and local share.
4, covering the responsibilities of the service point.

Affiliate requirements:
A location for the traditional or emerging markets injection.
2, with relevant industry employed more than five years of experience, can operate independently of the development of the local market, customers maintain.
3, with the marketing, sale, technology, accounting and other professional teams.
4, an independent commercial buildings, used to display the image of Mai Road precision presses.
5, covering the requirements of the service point.
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