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Brand Marketing Manager
1, the proposed development of the company's brand strategy, brand management system, organizational structures, the establishment and maintenance of the company's products positioning the brand;
2, to enhance brand competitiveness, improve old products and development of new products on the market at reasonable suggestions from a brand point of view;
3, formulate specific measures of brand management, optimizing business processes, good employee brand awareness training;
4, brand and corporate culture to ensure consistent, ensuring customer relationship management solutions to keep pace with the brand;
5, to ensure that all can increase the spread of the brand experience, a positive impact for the brand, enhance the brand's image.
1, marketing, management, advertising, or related professional college education;
2 medium-sized enterprises working in more than three years, brand manager;
3, familiar with the operation of public relations media branding, brand strategy with excellent capabilities and integrated communication skills;
4, strong brand awareness, with excellent communication skills and the ability proposal, there is a large practical experience related to the planning and success of the brand planning case;
5, the market has a strong tactile and sensitive information gathering capabilities, can operate alone brand marketing.
Human Resources Manager
1, to develop human resources development strategy and objectives, to provide advice and information to support major personnel decisions;
2, organizational development and human resources management system supervision, execution;
3, good job description and adjust according to the company needs to make the appropriate changes to the post;
4, organization and implementation of staff training and performance appraisal;
5, optimize staffing, the introduction of talent;
6, dealing with labor disputes, the admissibility of staff complaints.

1, familiar with relevant national policies and laws and regulations, the job more than three years of work experience; familiar enterprise contract management, payroll system, the employment system, insurance benefits and training policy;
2, a strong ability to plan and implement execution; affinity, with strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership skills, able to work under pressure;
3, optimistic, rigorous and responsible work objectively;
Senior Engineer
 1, plastic machinery undergraduate degree or above.
 2,5 years of work experience, 3 years of injection molding machine design and experience in handling special projects.
 3, strong logical thinking, innovation capacity, with certain management, organization and coordination skills.
 1, leading companies in this sector fully implement the relevant management systems and practices.
 2, under the guidance and supervision department of the overall work.
 3, responsible for the organization of the department according to contract requirements and arrange technical director for product development and design.
 4, responsible for providing technical support for the mechanical part of the product and technology training market sectors proposed.
 5, responsible for technical problems especially mechanical engineering products shop floor for technical support.
 6, is responsible for the daily work of other departments.
IE Engineer
 1, is responsible for the design, design drawings for process of review and countersign.
 2, to participate in the process of research and technological renovation work.
 3, the formulation process plan, document preparation technology. Responsible for the revision of the product process documents.
 4, the proposed technology and equipment design task is responsible for parts of the book, countersigned process equipment design, process design and equipment. Workers guide the proper use of technology installed.
 5, rationalization proposals have been implemented and validated for production workers should be included in the relevant technical documents.
 6, the major process equipment, process equipment to the preparation of complex instruction manual to guide workers to operate.
  1,25 years old, more than 2 years experience in the mechanical industry, process design, strong sense of responsibility, work actively at ease;
  2, familiar with and master the machining process and assembly process; master the technology to develop a fixed method; able to independently fixture design;
  3, master IE, SPC, FMEA and other commonly used process engineering methods and tools; familiar with AutoCAD, Solidworks and other graphics software;
  4, strong communication skills and writing skills.
Design Engineer
    Primarily responsible for the development and design of mechanical parts and related technical support.
 1, Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering;
    2, more than five years working experience in mechanical design;
    3, familiar with solidworks, CAD drawing software;
    4, proficient in machining process, mechanical assembly process, familiar with the structure and mechanical transmission principle.
Regional Sales Manager
     1, to comply with relevant rules and regulations Company and Marketing, identity corporate culture.
     2, master the principles and technical performance Borch machines, presses close understanding of domestic and international trends, and continuously improve their professional level and technical level, so that it can adapt to the development of society.
       3, actively looking for new customers, recruitment and selection, ensuring excellent customer resource companies.
     A marketing-related professional degree or above.
     2,3-5 years of regional sales experience. Regional sales strategy has experienced.
     3, good interpersonal and communication skills and stress resistance.
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